Annual Festival Service
Thursday 14th Sep 2023
St. Andrew's Church, Malahide @ 7.30 pm

Mothers' Union Dublin & Glendalough

Become a Member

Membership of the Mothers' Union is open to all those who have been baptised in the name of the Holy Trinity and declare their support for the Aim and Objectives of the Mothers' Union. This can be as a Branch, Diocesan or Indoor Member.

Branch Membership

To become a branch member enquire at your local Church as to where the nearest Mothers' Union branch might be.

Diocesan Membership

Diocesan membership of the Mothers' Union is designed and open for anyone (male or female) who has been baptised in the name of the Holy Trinity and who agrees with the Aims and Objectives.
Usually a person wishes to become a Diocesan member because they are not attached to a Branch but nevertheless wish to be active attending services and meetings and supporting the various projects within the Diocese and worldwide.

Admission to membership may either be by enrolment, which can be arranged and/or by the signing of a declaration.

Diocesan members are entitled to attend Diocesan Council and have a right to vote. For application please forward your name and address by email.

Indoor Members

These are members who, perhaps through age and infirmity or disability, are no longer able to attend meetings of the branches. We have 64 Indoor Members in Dublin & Glendalough. They remain an important part of the Mothers' Union to be cared for both by their own branches and by their Correspondent email. who keeps in regular touch with each of them.

For their part the Indoor Members are asked to pray every day for the work of the Mothers' Union and to that end they are all supplied with a copy of Families Worldwide which includes a prayer diary covering different parts of the world and subjects each week. The magazine comes out twice yearly with articles about Mothers' Union projects and a letter from the Worldwide President. They also receive our diocesan magazine LINKS which is also issued twice a year. In addition to regular letters from their Diocesan Correspondent they also have letters from the All-Ireland Correspondent and annual letters from the Diocesan and All-Ireland Presidents. All birthdays for over 90 year olds, whos dates we know of, are celebrated with cards from the diocese and from Mary Sumner House. We also send cards for Golden and Diamond wedding anniversaries if we are informed of the dates.

The Branches play an important part in helping the Correspondent to keep in touch with these Members - notifying her of changes of address and maintaining visits from the branch. If an Indoor Member moves to live in another parish their branch is asked both to inform the Correspondent and also to make arrangements for visiting to be maintained by the new parish.